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Come to Our Show! The FORMULA 88 – Walkthrough Virtual Tours & More

Walkthrough style virtual tours using hot spots to connect one scene to another and navigate through a home like you were there in person are more popular than ever before. Hot spots are animated buttons overlayed onto panoramic images that, when clicked upon, lead to another scene. Here’s an interactive walkthrough virtual tour utilizing animated hot spot navigation –

The global events of 2020 have made it so these virtual walkthrough tours are not just a tool that helps agents win more listings and showcase homes 24/7; they’re a requirement. Many real estate brokerages and MLS boards have mandated that some form of video or panoramic walkthrough virtual tour be present when a home is listed for sale. Most importantly, home sellers are listing with agents who can provide fewer tire kickers and reduce unnecessary foot traffic. If you’re already a real estate photographer or an aerial drone pilot and you’re not offering 360 walkthrough virtual tours or Zillow 3D home tours, you’re letting a large opportunity pass you by. Perhaps you have everything you need but a little nudge and some training to get you moving. Here’s your chance! Register Now

We want to welcome you to attend The FORMULA 88 – Walkthrough Virtual Tours & More on Tuesday, September 1st at 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM Eastern. During the show, we’ll interview Jake Mulcahy from Real Tour Vision and discuss 2020 top picks for single-shot 360/3D cameras, floor plan creation software, image capture, best processing practices, and finally how to use the RTV virtual tour software to create a stunning 360 walkthrough virtual tour with hot spots and interactive floor plan. We hope you can attend this live event!

Topics we’ll cover include:

• 360 Camera VS DSLR
• Choosing a 360 Camera
• How Important is Zillow 3D?
• Processing Images for BEST Quality
• Creating & Processing Floor Plans
• Creating Floor Plan & Walkthrough Virtual Tours
• Adding Hot Spots using Fusion Virtual Tour Software
• What to Charge

Here’s a great mixed media production recently created by RTV Rockstar, Robert Harvey – We like this virtual tour and property site because it utilizes aerial drone video, beautiful HD still photos, 360 x 180 panoramic photos. Finally, this production offers hot spot navigation throughout the presentation allowing users to click from room to room.

Here’s a BlueLaVaMedia production that demonstrates the use of interactive floor plans

Register for our show HERE –  and learn how to accomplish all this and more! We hope to see you on September 1st, 2020 for this RTV exclusive live event.

See you there!


Jason & Team RTV

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If you’re looking for a quick way to promote your real estate photography and virtual tour business above and beyond the other local competitors, look to the Hot Sheet for a BOOST in your marketing. Our new 2020 Hot Sheet is bringing RTV virtual tour providers lots of new business and it will work for you too!  Increase drone bookings, show off your Zillow 3D’s, attract new prospects with your flashy property websites!  It’s all possible by sending your recent shoots out to your mailing list via a Hot Sheet!

virtual tour hot sheet

What is a Hot Sheet?
A Hot Sheet is a list of your most recent real estate virtual tours that get sent out to your customer base and prospects as you complete new virtual tours and property websites. You create new property websites and virtual tours like you already do now and when X number of productions have been created, your Hot Sheet will be automatically compiled and an email will be sent to everyone on your Hot Sheet email list. Take a look at some recent hot sheets that were pushed out by our Traverse City Real Estate Photography team – BlueLaVaMedia –


Why the Hot Sheet?
Staying in touch with your customers on a regular to semi-regular basis is VITAL in any business. Being that you’re creating content EVERY day with new virtual tours and single property websites, the Hot Sheet is a PERFECT marketing tool for you to put in front of as many local real estate agents as you can. As people click on and watch the virtual tours from your Hot Sheet email, virtual tour traffic reports will show this referral traffic by putting “Hot Sheet” onto the report. Your customers will know you’re working hard to get them the most exposure and the best part is that it will all be done for you automatically!

How does the Hot Sheet work?
Our Hot Sheet is a snippet of HTML code that we give you to paste into a service like Aweber, MailChimp, or other online email marketing service. MailChimp calls it RSS-to-Email and Aweber calls it a Blog Broadcast. You can log into your account today and get both code and instructions for your very own Hot Sheet set up. Our customer service team is here to help you get it going so don’t worry!

Our new 2020 Hot Sheet has a “HOT” new layout and utilizes the new Hot Sheet RSS code found in your Tour Manager. We’ve added agent photos to the Hot Sheet too. Enjoy!

As always we’re here to help you succeed!  

RTV, Inc

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Order a virtual tour – 866-947-8687

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The FORMULA 87 – Call Outs, Property Lines & Droppers For Drone

Attention real estate photographers and drone pilots alike:  If you’re looking for a way to make your drone videos pop and stand out among the others in your area, you won’t want to miss this RTV exclusive webinar event. Join us for this live broadcast on August 11th at 8:00 PM Eastern and learn from one of BlueLaVa’s best.  We will be sitting in with Shawn Bradford from BlueLaVaMedia, LLC ( a northern Michigan drone service) as he goes through the process of adding in Call Outs, Enhanced Property Lines & Droppers to aerial drone video footage.  This is a MUST-DO for your aerial drone, real estate photography, and virtual tour business if you want to differentiate yourself and make your productions genuinely pop. During the show, Shawn will show you the programs, procedures, flight capture techniques, and video editing steps required to add these captivating features to your aerial drone footage. 

Sign up now via your virtual tour manager –  Click Webinars on the left to register for the event.

Shawn has a commercial helicopter license and has flown unmanned aerial vehicles as a contractor for the Naval Air division of our armed services. He has numerous hours of aerial photography in several areas ranging from real estate, commercial construction, boats, and vehicles. Shawn has also been actively involved in commercial video production and surveillance. 

Register for this show now and claim your seat.  We are limited to 500 guests, so be sure to register now and get ready to separate yourself from the pack. Learn how to do this and see why over 80% of the drone orders at BlueLaVaMedia include our property line package! 

See you there RTV!

Jason & Team RTV

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