RTV Announces New Pricing For It’s Virtual Staging Product

We are all so excited at RTV about how many of you have been using the new DIY virtual house staging software to make extra income. Many of you are purchasing 100 credits or more at a time to virtually stage multiple projects.

Also many folks are just getting their feet wet with 10 credits to try a room. We want to reward you with volume discounts so we have set up a new pricing model which will start next week as follows.

10 Credits = $15 (1 photo)
50 Credits = $59 (5 photos)
100 Credits = $99 (10 photos)
300 Credits = $269 (30 photos)
500 Credits = $399 (50 photos)
1000 Credits = $699 (100 photos)
Remove Watermark = $39 per year

Current pricing is $10 regardless of volume. The price breaks will start at the 100 credit level and savings will just get better at the higher credit levels as low as $7 to stage a picture. RTV has created an inexpensive option for deleting all watermarks on an account. Consider carefully before you choose this option as many agents prefer a watermark to show in the MLS that pictures were virtually staged.

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As always, there will be several training and help mode available to RTV.  For those of you that are in the “Secret” RTV Facebook group please keep an eye out for our virtual house staging contests. Training blogs will be available weekly as well as webinar training. There is also help and training directly within the RTV staging platform.

If you have not yet tried the staging platform… or you did but were not clear on the benefit, this is a great time to get in on the ground floor as this technology will rapidly improve. Be among the first to bring this solution to your realtors to increase their listings of vacant properties.
Go ahead and create your best staging job to submit here: https://stager.virtualhousestaging.com/#houses

Thank you for your time!

RTV Staging Team