Exciting New Changes To Tour Track National Photography Service

National-Photography-NewsHello RTV and welcome to 2016! We have some exciting news about changes we are making to the Tour Track program this year. Tour Track is transitioning to a Shoot & Deliver method for all national photography accounts. Moving forward all new dispatched orders will instruct you to shoot bracketed images in a RAW file format and deliver the images inside specific file structures via our FTP. You will no longer be required to process images or build tours. Here’s a little background on this: In 2015, the Choice Hotels CHERP initiative gave us a great opportunity to grow, not just through the number of orders that were placed, but by compelling us improve the overall quality of the work we deliver to our clients. Throughout the past year we have adjusted our instructions and procedures until we came up with a winning combination of shooting instructions, file delivery, and in-house processing. This has allowed our photographers to complete more shoots in less time and has given us greater control over the consistency and quality of the images we deliver. The success of that program has prompted us to change the process for all of our other national accounts. Shoot & Deliver orders will require our photographers to:

  1. Shoot in RAW format
  2. Bracketing either 3 or 5 exposures at ±2EV (number of brackets varies by account)
  3. Slating rooms and common areas (to assist with file organization)
  4. Filling out a sign-off sheet and listing image file numbers
  5. Organizing files in a predetermined folder structure
  6. Uploading via FTP
  7. Completing the order in Fusion to notify our team that images have been uploaded

  We would also like to offer you the opportunity to switch any existing order that to the new shoot and deliver method. In order to do this, a photographer must make a written request to RTV through the comment section in the applicable order. Please reach out to the Tour Track team with any questions you might have regarding this change at tourtrack@realtourvision.com. We are looking forward to a great year here at RTV!