Advanced HDR Methods Part 1 Webinar From The 2015 Convention Series Now Live

2016-01-12High dynamic range photography is an important tool in a real estate photographers toolbox. The trick to good HDR photography is creating consistent, realistic images and doing so in a way that is time efficient. Shawn Roach produced Advanced HDR Methods Part 1 as part of our 2015 Convention Series of Webinars that are made available to Rockpointe Marketing Members.  In this webinar Shawn will discuss several software options for HDR image processing, the pros and cons of each, as well as give insights on creating the best imagery possible. When it comes to evaluating gear, software and methods, Shawn is meticulous. He understands that to produce the highest quality, consistent photographs you must have a consistent workflow, and the eye to identify when the standard workflow isn’t working. In this video webinar, you will get a first hand look into Shawn’s process for creating and evaluating images that stand out from the real estate photography crowd. These techniques work well in both commercial and residential real estate settings, and look great in our photographers virtual tours. Rockpointe Marketing is RTV’s member only marketing training resource that offers a vast library informative webinars, marketing materials, and much more. If you are not a member we hope that you will consider joining. It’s now only $400 annually!! Stay tuned for exciting updates and a thorough refresh of our RPM website. Are you interested in joining the RTV team and creating your own real estate virtual tours? Click here for a free no obligation trial of our software. Our photographers are also encouraged to join our national network of photographers who we hire to photograph our national clients across the US and Canada. Thanks for your support! Team RTV Virtual Tour Software & Powerful Property Marketing Tools Order a virtual tour- 866-947-8687