Rockpointe Marketing Does it Again! New Real Estate Marketing Piece Launches


Pro Photography Marketing PieceRockpointe Marketing is pleased to announce the addition of a new real estate oriented marketing piece. Using information from a article published in 2014, this flier quickly communicates several benefits of using a professional photographer. Did you know that listings using professional photography receive significantly more views, sell faster and for more money compared to other listings? This flier will quickly and effectively point this out, and offers a free consultation to help get the conversation started.

This double sided flier will be great to hand out to Realtors during initial conversations or can be sent as part of an email or mail campaign.  Yes team, print marketing does still work! They will immediately see your contact information prominently displayed on a 8.5 x 11 featured image (from your portfolio) that is sure to catch their attention. The important facts, sales pitch, and a repeat of your contact information is on the reverse side with 3 more example photos in the right sidebar.

As part of a continued effort to create the highest quality marketing pieces we have created this in Adobe Photoshop, utilizing layers. This allows greater flexibility for the photographer. All of the flier colors, information and photos are completely customizable using a program that almost all photographers currently use. We will be providing instructions with a link to a video tutorial for anyone new to Photoshop who may need help. We would love Rockpointe Members opinions on which file formats they prefer to work with. If you have a preference please email jstring(at)

RTV, Inc

Jason Stringham
Internet Marketing Coordinator