2015 Convention Series Comes To Rockpointe Marketing

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We are excited to announce our “2015 Convention Series” coming to RockPointeMarketing. Since SO many of you did not make it to the show in Orlando this year, Team RTV will be working hard to “Bring the Show to You” in our 2015 RPM Convention Video Series.  While these shows will not be as good as being there you’ll still be able to learn some of the hottest tricks of the trade from the comfort of your own home.  Throughout December we’ll be recording seven of the hottest classes that we held in Orlando.  These recordings will be available ONLY TO RPM members and the shows will not be live events as we typically make them. If you’re not currently an RPM member, a subscription is only $400 per year and we strive to create new marketing pieces each month for you to use and we also have over 120 hours of past held shows for you to learn from.  The information and content value is VAST!  Setup your account here and enjoy the content – www.RockPointeMarketing.com These select classes are being recorded throughout the month of December and are being offered exclusively to Rockpointe Marketing members. Our lineup includes:

  • Driving Business With Proven Internet Marketing Strategies  – READY and POSTED!
  • Interior Lighting
  • Advanced Lightroom Techniques
  • Twilight Photography
  • HDR Processing Techniques
  • Green Screen For Video
  • Staging For Real Estate

Driving Business With Proven Internet Marketing Strategies has already been recorded and uploaded for Rockpointe members. Recent data shows that between 80 and 90 percent of consumers use the internet to find and purchase products and services. Having a website is not enough. This class will discuss several online marketing strategies and how to effectively use them to drive sales and grow your client list. We believe you will enjoy and learn a lot from this class series. Once again, we will be adding the new classes throughout the month of December so we would like to encourage our members who did not make the show to watch these seven classes and “Accelerate” your business today! If you aren’t currently a Rockpointe Marketing Member you can join today! Click Here We are committed to bringing our members quality training and marketing materials to help their business grow and thrive in a competitive market. Sincerely,   Team RTV Virtual Tour Software & Digital Marketing Tools 866-947-8687 www.RealTourVision.com