Cape Coral, FL Real Estate Photographer Completes T4 Certification with RTV

tinyt43RTV is pleased to introduce Tammi Russell of BFFotos, LLC as our newest T4 member to RTV’s Tour Track program, a national photography service providing professional photography for hotels, rental homes, apartments, and many other organizations.  Tammi and her business partner and mother Melody Tollefson have been working to provide the Ft Myers/Cape Coral area with professional real estate and commercial photography since 2012.  The mother daughter team supply a wide range of services that meet property owner needs for real estate companies and professionals, as well as other commercial businesses.  Through T4 certification Tammi will now be able to offer Google Street View | Trusted tours to the Southwest Florida area using the latest Street View technology.

Tammi and our other T4 photographers distinguish themselves from our 1400+ members of the Tour Track program by meeting higher quality standards, versatile gear requirements, and through online training with RTV’s in house professional photographers.  Congratulations Tammi – for proving yourself in the photography business as being not only an excellent photographer, but by also maintaining the high standards in the virtual tour industry that RTV expects of our T4 network.







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