The FORMULA 74- The “Perfect” Single Property Website

Single Property Websites

Are you looking to make a little more scratch on each virtual tour?  How about making a little more and gaining a LOT of exposure at the same time for your virtual tour business?  We’ve all talked about the benefits of the PanoRider before and most of you know how great a single property website looks both on a sign AND when that traffic report comes in.  Well team I would like you to meet Chris Crummitt of Picture Perfect, LLC.  Chris has been a part of our team now for quite some time now and she shoots over a hundred homes a month and each one gets one of her single property websites and sign rider.

RTV has already turned down five people now in the Frederick, MD area who are DYING to use the Fusion virtual tour system and get a piece of the action that she’s dominating.

Please join us on July 7th at 7:00 PM Eastern while Chris and I chat about the value of a single property website when combined with the effective marketing power of the sign rider.    Are you an aggressive marketer looking to book more shoots and advertise basically for free all over town?  Come to this show and we’ll show you how Chris and her team have turned up the heat by making use of the “Perfect” single property website.  Check one out before the show –

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