Vacation Rental Photography & Professional Virtual Tours

Vacation home rentals are very popular at this time of the year. But with so many properties available for vacation rentals, especially those in and around popular destinations, it can be hard for property owners to attract renters to their particular vacation homes.

A well-made vacation rental virtual tour can give you a competitive advantage in marketing your vacation home rental. Whether you’re a property owner, a real estate agent working with vacation homes, or a virtual tour provider looking to expand your customer base, creating vacation home virtual tours is a great place to start.

The benefits of professional vacation rental photography virtual tours
For most vacationers, choosing a vacation home is an important investment. A listing that describes the layout and the amenities can be helpful, but being able to see the property is more important. However, many people on vacation are unable to visit the vacation rentals they’re considering, since they have to travel for the vacation itself.

With a virtual tour, you can give potential renters the experience of seeing your vacation home live. An interactive virtual tour is more impressive and engaging than static photos, and will make it easier for vacationers to fall in love with your property and decide to rent it—they’re able to envision themselves there, already enjoying their vacation.

What’s more, a virtual tour offers customers reassurance that your property actually has the features and amenities described in the listing, and that they meet the expectations of the renters.

Tips for a stunning vacation rental virtual tour
The foundations of a great virtual tour start with using a professional RTV virtual tour photographer for your photo shoot.  Using a professional to do your photo shoot and vacation rental virtual tour will insure the quickest turn around time as well as insure that you’re getting the most out of your production.  Your RTV photographer has expertise in blending high definition images with full motion video, scene by scene captions, music clips, voice overs, floor plans, hot spots, AstroZoom Space fly-over and more. To truly bring your vacation property to life for potential renters hire out your photography and virtual tour service to one of our professional photographers.

When you have a completed virtual tour for your vacation rental property, be sure to post the video on your website, YouTube, and any other online destinations where vacationers look for rental property information. Remember that RTV is an approved photography supplier for and VRBO.  Be sure to reach out to these outlets to post your listing too! Enjoy more bookings with a fantastic virtual tour that sells your vacation rental for you!

Good luck out there!


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