RTV Announces New Talkshow – Through The Lens

Through the Lens – Portrait Photography 101

Attention RTV family and fans: The inaugural Through The Lens webinar hosted by Jay Stringham is finally here. This exciting opening episode will focus on portrait photography and will feature special guest Mike Drilling of Windborne Studios in Traverse City, MI.

Mike has a been a very successful portrait and commercial photographer in Northern Michigan for over 30 years.  This is a great opportunity to learn from a very experienced on location lighting expert. We believe photographers of all skill levels will benefit from his experience and encourage you all to attend this show. We will be discussing on location portraiture photography using off camera lighting.  This specialized portrait training is in anticipation of two new RTV Tour Track accounts that will require portrait photography.  One new account will require photos of flower bouquets and business owners, and the second account calls for photos of medical staff and doctors.

In preparation for these two new national Tour Track accounts, RTV has put together an inexpensive portrait light kit with a double sided, portable background. RTV will be drop shipping these light kits to our selected photographers prior to their photo shoots. Photographers that show expertise in using these kits will have the option to purchase them from RTV at a discounted rate and receive additional jobs from these accounts from their area.

Along with RTV, Mr. Drilling has thoroughly tested the kits.  During the show we will be offering insight as to how to properly light your subject to allow for the separation of the subject from the background for high quality portraits. We will also be discussing posing and making your subjects feel as comfortable as possible to get great natural looking portraits.

We believe the skills and experience gained from this show and these accounts will open new doors for RTV and our photographers. Whether you are looking to achieve T4 status at RTV or you’re just looking to add another specialized service to your offering, you will not want to miss this show. See you there RTV!

Register now in your TMS.  Look for our new “Through The Lens” Icon on the left side of your virtual tour manager.


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