A Virtual Tour Checklist

Here’s a basic checklist for creating amazing virtual tours.

A stunning virtual tour can be a great tool for anyone who’s promoting a real estate property, a hotel, campus, restaurant, resort, or just about any type of business. And like many creative endeavors, there are nearly as many ways to make a virtual tour as there are types of virtual tours you can make.

However, there’s a basic formula you can follow to create a powerful and effective virtual tour that will help you sell what you’re promoting. Whether you’re a virtual tour provider just starting out, or a real estate agent or business owner who’s never made a virtual tour but would like to learn more, these steps will help you put together an effective and engaging virtual tour.

  1. Scout and prepare your virtual tour location

Your first step should be to check out the location of your virtual tour and plan your shots. Do a walk through of the property or business with an eye for the best areas to include on the virtual tour. Consider the best times of day when areas will look good with any natural light you can use, as well as the places where you may want a short video in addition to panoramic images and still photos.

     2. Consider hiring out a professional virtual tour photographer with a high end camera
Smartphones are coming out with better built-in cameras all the time, but a good quality digital SLR camera is still the best tool for creating a virtual tour. A camera that allows you to take high resolution photos and images will provide the best shots. A quick Google search for ‘Virtual Tour Company’ or ‘Virtual Tour Provider’ will help you find those in your area that offer the service and will most likely have the gear.

    3. Make sure that you or your provider is using a fully featured virtual tour software
While it’s possible to create a virtual tour using free or common virtual tour software programs like Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Photoshop, or others out there, you will have better results using specialized virtual tour software that’s designed for virtual tours. Remember that having a YouTube video is NOT a virtual tour by any means. 

With a professional using proper virtual tour software you’ll be able to enjoy powerful features like an AstroZoom space fly-over, weekly virtual tour traffic reports, printable flyers, QR codes, hot spots, scene by scene voice-overs, HD panoramic images, full motion video, lead capture tools, interactive floor plans and more!

     4. Develop a deployment strategy
Virtual tours must be seen to get results. Once your virtual tour is finished, you can get visibility and views by posting it on your website, your FaceBook page, YouTube, local business directories, and if your tour is real estate related you can even get it on real estate sites like Trulia, Realtor.com, BackPage, OLX, HotPads, Zillow, your local MLS, Reachoo, and many more! Finally, you can also store your virtual tours on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, so you can show your stunning presentation to potential customers wherever you are.

At RTV we recommend that you choose a professional virtual tour provider for all of your real estate and business virtual tour needs.  You can compare prices and features by contacting RTV and doing a Google search for virtual tour providers in your area. We look forward to working with you when the time is right.


Team RTV

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