Using Virtual Tours for Daycare Centers, Schools & Preschools

High quality virtual tours are an excellent way to showcase a business and let potential customers experience your facilities and people from the comfort of their home. They’re designed to engage people and interest them in visiting your business, where they’ll hopefully become customers. But does your school or preschool need a virtual tour?

Virtual tours can definitely benefit both schools and preschools. In much the same way that colleges and universities use these powerful tools, Daycare centers, preschools, and schools can show prospective young students—and especially their parents—exactly what to expect when they come to your school.

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Overcoming the first hurdle

Enrolling in preschool can be a scary time for both parent and child. For children, it’s often a major transition, and may be the first time in their lives they will spend any significant amount of time away from their parents. And of course, parents want to be reassured that their little ones will be taken care of in a safe, clean, and fun environment with friendly caretakers.

You may tell parents that your facility is a great place for kids, but a virtual tour will be able to show them your wonderful environment. High-definition photos and video of your play areas, kitchens and eating areas, nap areas, and more will paint an impressive picture of your preschool.

And since virtual tours are visual in nature, even young children can watch and understand more about your school. Being able to see the preschool before they visit for the first time can help them overcome fears and separation anxiety.

Professional virtual tours for schools and preschools
A virtual tour consists of so much more than images. While detailed, stunning photos and video are central to the creation of a virtual tour, they can also include floor plans, captions, info bubbles, links, staff bios, and even fun music to delight young viewers.

Marketing your preschool to parents is also easier with a virtual tour. You can embed the final presentation on your website, and also post it to social media sites like YouTube and Facebook to increase visibility and awareness for your school.

Are you looking to increase enrollment at your preschool with a professional virtual tour? Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you and your school!


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