Get a Virtual Tour of your Real Estate Office!

Many real estate professionals love the additional visibility and customer engagement that detailed and stunning virtual tours can bring to their listings. But what about creating a virtual tour for your real estate office? You may not have considered this option, but there are several advantages to letting potential customers tour your real estate office online.

Help your customers feel comfortable
Many home buyers and other real estate customers, particularly first time buyers, are apprehensive about going into a real estate office. They might think they’ll be pushed toward a hard sell, or that they could get taken advantage of if they don’t know much about how real estate buying works.

A virtual tour can introduce potential customers to your office environment, and reassure them that they have nothing to fear. You can showcase your main office or reception area, as well as any agents’ offices, and even feature interviews with your agency staff members. This puts customers at ease and helps them feel like they know you before you ever meet.

Show off your tech savvy
There’s no escaping the fact that real estate involves paperwork. For this reason, some home buyers believe real estate offices haven’t entered the digital age yet, and they’re reluctant to deal with a more “traditional” setting.

Having a virtual tour of your real estate office shows that your agency is keeping up with the latest in technology. Any RTV virtual tour provider can even use their virtual tour software with an integrated area map that can include links to your various online listings. The possibilities are endless with your office virtual tour.

Preparing for your real estate office virtual tour
With any virtual tour for a property, you’ll want your real estate office looking great for photographing and filming. Use the same home staging tips you’d employ for your properties to set up your real estate office for a successful virtual tour.

Of course, you’ll want to show potential customers all of your main areas and individual offices. You can also offer “behind the scenes” looks at your working areas, include photos or footage of the surrounding community, and much more.

Virtual tours are a great way to bring more customers in to your real estate office, whether they’re buying or selling a property. If you’re interested in having a virtual tour created for your office, contact RTV today to learn more about our services and we’ll connect you with your local virtual tour provider. 

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