Welcome to the Family – The Virutal Tour Family

Yesterday on our virtual tour photography Facebook group, a new virtual tour provider was introducing himself and thanking the group for providing valuable information.  One of the challenges of our national virtual tour business is that we live in our own little world and other than the annual conference, we rarely see other virtual tour providers.

Unlike my entrepreneur husband, I came from the corporate world where 60% of the day was spent interacting with co-workers and 40% was spent actually doing my job.  The incessant interruptions were annoying at times but what I miss from those days is the camaraderie, the interaction and most of all the chance to soak up the knowledge and experience of my peers.

One of the benefits of being a virtual tour provider through RTV is that we get a chance to have that esprit d’corp even though many of us will never meet face to face.  We have a forum where we can exchange ideas, share our frustrations and challenges and celebrate each others accomplishments.  We mourned the loss of two of our pioneers in the past year and even though most of us had never met these two giants face to face, few of us had not been touched in some way by their influence.

I read a quote in a blog today that said, “The right mentor-protege relationship is the most efficient and fastest way to learn.”  RTV not only provides us with the best virtual tour software, but also with mentoring when we are new and then provides us the opportunity to give back to our fellow providers as our skills and experience increase.  As new people come in, they bring fresh perspective and original ideas and we all gain new insight and excitement about our chosen field.

Thanks Taylor for reminding me of why we love being a part of the RTV family and we look forward to learning from you as you grow in this amazing venture you have chosen to embark upon.

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