Stay Positive And Great Things Happen!

Running your own virtual tour business can be very challenging. If you’re a virtual tour provider, you’ve probably had days when you were plagued with negativity. Maybe you’ve had thoughts like: My business is not going as I had planned, I’m never going to make this work. You might see slow sales, ineffective advertising, or any number of reasons that might make you want to give up. 

But did you know that you can improve your results, and your profits, just by thinking differently?
When you’re caught in a negativity loop, it can be so hard to escape that you may not even know there’s a way out. You’re only able to see the things that are wrong—and your mind amplifies those problems until you decide there’s nothing good you can focus on, and your business is irrevocably broken.

However, just beginning to think positively can turn things around for you fast. Remember how excited you were when you decided on which virtual tour software you were going to use? Remember how everything was falling into place when were were in the right frame of mind? Let’s explore for a moment what positive thinking does for you.

Abraham Lincoln once said: “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” There is a lot of truth in that statement. When you decide that you’re going to be happy and positive, you tend to actually become that way.

You start focusing on the good things that are happening—you earned more last month than the month before, you have a new client lined up, someone just left you a great review on social media.

Those positive thoughts can build momentum for you, until you’re viewing problems as challenges to be conquered, rather than negativity that will sink your virtual tour business. Positive thinking has even been shown to have a beneficial placebo effect on some health-related problems—it’s that powerful!

Tips for turning your attitude around
•    Don’t judge yourself. You may have been seeing evidence of other people’s business success, and feel that you must not be good enough, if they can do it. It’s important to remember that there will always be people who are in better or worse positions than you—and to give yourself permission to find your own level of success with your virtual tour and professional photography business.

•    Visualize your success. Some people hold an almost mystical belief that simply visualizing where you want to be will get you there (see The Secret). You may not carry the belief that far, but there are many benefits to visualizing your own success—not the least of which is the ability to create and implement a concrete plan to achieve your goals. It also helps to keep you positive and focused.

•    Take risks. If you dwell in negativity, you’re unable to plan for the future—because you believe there isn’t one to look forward to. Stay positive by challenging yourself to try new things that will move you forward: take a business course, invest in a new camera accessory, or develop a plan to tap into a new customer demographic.

You can start realizing the benefits of being positive right now. Simply tell yourself that you’re ready to move away from negativity and look at the bright side, and you’ll find your virtual tour business looking more successful already!


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