Five Virtual Tour Tips

For real estate properties, the main goal of a virtual tour is to sell a home or business. And the better looking and more informative your virtual tour is, the easier it will be for the tour to do its job of selling a property.

Whether you’re a home seller or real estate agent using virtual tour software to market your property, or a virtual tour service provider looking for ways to improve your presentations, these tips will help you create stunning virtual tours that sell.

Vary your photo types
A virtual tour that simply shows room shot after room shot can be pretty boring. Instead, take multiple pictures of each room from different angles, with different zoom areas, and choose the best of those pictures to include in your virtual tour. You can even vary the number of photos used for each area—such as including several shots of the living room with fireplace, balcony, and cathedral ceilings, but only one or two of the standard-issue bedrooms.

Include surrounding amenities
While you’re taking pictures, don’t forget to snap some shots of the community and the best places in the neighborhood. People who are buying a new home or business want to know about the area they’ll be living in, and if you can show them it’s a great neighborhood, you’ll grab their interest.

Put your best foot forward
With a virtual tour, you don’t want to save the best for last. Begin by showing off the remodeled bathroom, or the gourmet kitchen—whatever features are most sellable. Another approach is to start the virtual tour sequence with the exterior and grounds, and then move to the most desirable features of the home or business.

Add extras to your virtual tour
Stunning photos and video are the heart of a virtual tour, but additional information can really sell a property. Don’t forget to add descriptive text to your images, and explain features that might not be immediately apparent from the image. You can also include a professional voiceover that delivers even more information to viewers.

Distribute your virtual tour widely
YouTube isn’t the only place to showcase virtual tours. The more people that see your virtual tour, the better your chances of selling—so make sure to post the final video to your own website, as well as Facebook, real estate sites like Trulia, and even Pinterest.

Remember, RTV’s virtual tour software kits make it easy to create stunning virtual tours with features like captions and image text, voiceovers, interactive floor plans, and more. Visit our website to learn more about our Fusion HD+ and Fusionmax X3 software, or how to start your own virtual tour business.

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