Add Stunning Night Shots to Virtual Tours

Night shots can be stunning additions to a virtual tour, especially if you’re creating 360 virtual tours for businesses like hotels, restaurants, lodges, or cruise ships (yes, even cruise ships can benefit from a virtual tour!).  Check out this amazing virtual tour production that includes night shots:

If you’ve tried taking pictures at night the same way you take them during the day, you might find that you get nothing but a black frame with a few points of light.

How do you take great pictures at night? These tips will help you enhance your virtual tour with stunning night photos.

Have a good camera and tripod
Most digital cameras today are pretty high quality, but in order to take great night pictures, you might need a little something extra. You won’t have to invest in a “specialty” night camera, but you will need one that allows you to control the settings for exposures and apertures (the size of the lens opening, which is measured in F-stop). In addition to a good camera, you’ll also need a tripod to take the best night shots.

Scout your location
Many businesses that look great at night are somewhat isolated, and don’t have enough “city glow” for a photo taken normally to turn out clearly at night. It’s a good idea to visit the area and figure out where you’ll take your pictures from during the day, so you know where you’re headed once it gets dark. This is also advisable for safety purposes.

Choose the right time
While it’s possible to take great night shots during full dark, your pictures can also look great if you take them at dawn or dusk—either just before the sun rises, or just after it sets. This is a very short time frame, so it can benefit you to visit the location in advance and decide exactly which shots you’ll want during that time.

Use long exposures
Setting your digital camera exposure for several seconds allows you to bring more light into the picture, even when it’s dark. For this reason, a tripod is an essential piece of equipment for great night photography, since it prevents the camera from shaking during the exposure.

Adjust the aperture accordingly
 Finally, use aperture size to capture great night shots. Opt for a smaller aperture when you’re taking a photo with a long exposure, and use a larger aperture for short exposure pictures taken when there’s a bit more light, such as at dusk or dawn.

Adding great night photography to your virtual tours can help you create stunning presentations that will impress your virtual tour clients—and their customers.

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