W3C Web Accessibility & Virtual Tours

Including a virtual tour for your website or real estate listings is a great way to engage your visitors with fun, interactive content. But did you know that a significant percentage of your users may not be able to experience your virtual tours the way you meant to present it?

Internet accessibility: Options and legal implications
People with a wide range of disabilities—including dyslexia and learning difficulties, impaired vision or hearing, or decreased mobility whether temporary or permanent—still use the Internet, and often have problems accessing the contents on websites. Accessibility for the disabled or impaired has become an issue in today’s increasingly digital world.

There are several technologies available to assist disabled people in accessing Internet content. However, if your website isn’t compatible with these technologies, they won’t be able to see it.

Making your virtual tour accessible
Without using best practices for accessibility, you’re losing out on your potential audience—and not just people with disabilities. Accessibility can also enable people who are using older technologies, from outdated hardware to slow Internet connections, to access your virtual tour when normal settings would make it impossible.

How can you ensure that your virtual tour is accessible? One good starting point is the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). Run by the World Web Consortium (W3C), the organization that sets global Internet standards, the WAI provides resources and advice for making websites and other online presentations accessible.   You should also consider always (especially for business virtual tours) to have a downloadable version of your tour next to the online version so users can download the experience even on a slow connection for computer playback.

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