Use Virtual Tours to Attract Your Clients

How a Real Estate agent differentiates a property from their competition is based on presentation.   Yes, price and curb appeal matters.  Real Estate marketing is about using Virtual Tours to attract the client.   The Virtual Tour is to qualify the client.

Think about this – when you go to buy a new car you get a series of TV and media ads that position the car in the best light. Maybe you are spending $15-50K for that car. Notice the emotional uplift you get by being attracted to that car via great professional photography and the media presentation.

In Real Estate Marketing ,  the use of a virtual tour could use every feature option in the book just for the technology ‘s sake. The key marketing aspect becomes is this what the client wants to see to be attracted to the property.

One of my clients appreciates this type of marketing coaching.  Recently, Chad received a listing for a $1.7M home in San Mateo, CA.  The URL is   We discussed the client profile and began to frame the features that needed to be turned on and off within the virtual tour to help the prospect be comfortable.  Then we created only quality photography of key aspects of the home and not the entire place.

If it weren’t for the flexibility of our virtual tour software I could not be giving Realtors the consultations that I do.   The result is a rather simple presentation of a $1.7M home that is not over the top.  This attracts the client profile for the home that restored within the classic San Mateo Park area.   Simple is best many times.

Matt Swafford
San Mateo Virtual Tours
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