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How a Real Estate agent differentiates a property from their competition is based on presentation.   Yes, price and curb appeal matters.  Real Estate marketing is about using Virtual Tours to attract the client.   The Virtual Tour is to qualify the client.

Think about this – when you go to buy a new car you get a series of TV and media ads that position the car in the best light. Maybe you are spending $15-50K for that car. Notice the emotional uplift you get by being attracted to that car via great professional photography and the media presentation.

In Real Estate Marketing ,  the use of a virtual tour could use every feature option in the book just for the technology ‘s sake. The key marketing aspect becomes is this what the client wants to see to be attracted to the property.

One of my clients appreciates this type of marketing coaching.  Recently, Chad received a listing for a $1.7M home in San Mateo, CA.  The URL is   We discussed the client profile and began to frame the features that needed to be turned on and off within the virtual tour to help the prospect be comfortable.  Then we created only quality photography of key aspects of the home and not the entire place.

If it weren’t for the flexibility of our virtual tour software I could not be giving Realtors the consultations that I do.   The result is a rather simple presentation of a $1.7M home that is not over the top.  This attracts the client profile for the home that restored within the classic San Mateo Park area.   Simple is best many times.

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It’s your last chance to attend the RTV Virtual Tour Software Convention here in beautiful
downtown Traverse City, Michigan NEXT WEEK!

We MUST submit our final attendee number to the Park Place Hotel by Monday 9:00 AM.
This weekend will be your very last chance to purchase your convention tickets.

Click the link below to visit our registration page, see the show schedule, and we’ll see you next week team.


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Over the past seven years our virtual tour and photography products have continued to get better and better. We can really show off a well prepared home. Our photos can be absolutely stunning and really attract attention from those who are interested in your property. Our virtual tour photographers specialize in advance real estate photography techniques and really do a great job of capturing the essence of a home.

We are often asked to provide a list of things that should be done prior to the photographer arriving to take your marketing photos and to construct photos for your virtual home tour. We appreciate our clients being proactive in readying a property for photos and have seen over time the huge difference between a prepared home vs. a home that was not properly readied prior to our photographer’s arrival. This video has some suggestions that if followed will result in much better marketing photos.

If you would like a PDF document that contains many of these preparation steps for yourself and your customers simply email

Call 512-255-3200 or 361-749-3200 to schedule your appointment today.



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When you are searching for a hotel room for your upcoming vacation, do you look at listings that include horrible images or none at all? The answer is, probably not. Photos are extremely important when it comes to online booking sales and reservations.

Over 65% of individuals are visual learners, so this means that having photographs within a website can make or break a sale. Why are images so important?

A recent study proved that 7% of US hotel guests stopped short of booking a reservation due to the lack of visual content. Visual content is what drives the travel industry and is crucial to running a successful business. This is where professional hotel photography and virtual tours come into play.

The virtual tour business is a key component to the success of the travel industry. Hotel owners desire fresh, high quality images to increase their revenue.

Here are some fun facts:
•    94% more views are attracted by content containing high quality images, than content without images.
•    Properties with more than 20 photos get 150% more engagement.
•    More than 50% of US online travel shoppers use professional photography.
•    75% of US hotel guests said that hotel photography is important and ranks within the top 3 features when doing initial research.

So the more that you hear about content being king, just remember that visual content makes this statement true. Provide your clients with high quality content and they will always come back for more!

Ready to enjoy increased online conversions and higher occupancy rates?
Contact RTV today to learn more about getting professional hotel photography and virtual
tours for your hotel. National & International Coverage guaranteed!

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Radio-controlled drones are revolutionizing the video industry but with great new technology, there are new obstacles. A drone is used to define an autonomous aircraft but now the word is slang for anything without a human pilot on board.

In reality these line of sight quadcopters are simply RC helicopter aircraft. The FAA refers to these as an unmanned aerial system or UAS and has recently lost their battle to prevent us virtual tour photographers from using these to compliment a virtual tour business

Up until recently, drones have not been able to carry cameras due to the size and weight but with technology expanding, the options are becoming endless. It is now practical to have a low-cost platform to shoot video and photographs from.  High quality cameras can be easily mounted directly to RC Quadcopters. While full scale “Drones” have been used around the world for many purposes such as inspecting areas, surveillance, search and rescue, and military use, their smaller and innocent RC counterparts Quadcopters are now making a HUGE splash in the world of virtual tours.

Quadcopters are becoming quite popular within the photography industry and especially for virtual tour businesses who want to offer aerial services for a reasonable fee.

So is it legal to use a drone to shoot photographs and video?  You bet it is!!

There are however many guidelines to flying an unmanned system but the basic rules are to never fly more than 400 feet above ground, do not fly close to airports, never fly near crowds of people, and never fly where you may cause damage to property. So basically, make the correct judgment calls and keep your Quadcopter within viewing distance.

Have fun out there RTV and you’ll be able to get your RC Quadcopter at a discounted rate at our up and coming virtual tour provider convention.  See you there!

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