Marketing Your Virtual Tour Business Offline

Marketing your virtual tour business is important if you want to have access to new customers and increase your sales. Previously I talked about the online marketing methods which involved social media, blogging, and other techniques.

This post will cover the offline “real world” methods in marketing your virtual tour business and how you can become a locally recognized name. There are so many ways to market your virtual tour business without using the Internet and most of these are either inexpensive or FREE! Let’s get started!

First, having a workspace is very important when running your virtual tour company and marketing in the offline world. This workspace can be from home but you will always have an advantage if you physically have an office location that customers can visit to talk about business. Positioning yourself among real estate offices, housing services, and photography stores can be a great benefit to you and can increase the amount of customers that visit you. Find a solid location that can be utilized in the most professional manner.

Create your marketing materials to hand out to potential customers. Marketing materials can include business cards, flyers, brochures, sample DVDs, and anything that can grab someone’s attention and show them what your business is all about. Don’t forget to include starting prices, benefits of using virtual tours, why your business is unique, and why customers want to deal with specifically you.

Most of these materials can be printed at local print shops for a reasonable price or you can purchase them online if you are willing to wait for shipping time. Remember that dealing with bulk orders can provide you with great discounts to make the price more reasonable.  Find lots of ready to go materials for your virtual tour business back in your account. Come and go from there as you please month to month.

Build a professional virtual tour sample tour to present to your customers. Having this sample tour is crucial because it will show your camera work, video skills, and features that you offer when building virtual tours. This sample tour can be used for in person presentations in your office, sent via e-mail, burnt to a DVD or CD, or presented anywhere using a laptop. So no matter where your customers are, they can see your work and be amazed!  Think of Fusion as a advanced power point system.  Here’s an example for you –

Research your local market and see what your virtual tour competition is up to. By learning how your competition is conducting business, you can learn the ups and downs to see which methods of marketing are most successful. Remember that mistakes are never bad because they are a learning experience that will help you and your business grow and become more stable.

Looking for unique ways to market your virtual tour & photography business? Check out the following ideas and see which ones spark your interest.

•    Talk about your business. Tell all of the local businesses or potential clients about your virtual tour business.
•    Connect and network with other virtual tour businesses.
•    Advertise in free local magazines and newspapers.
•    Advertise using billboards or other types of signs.
•    Be unique and offer coupons/special deals. Include these with your business cards and other marketing materials. Great for first time customers!
•    Ask local businesses if you can leave your business cards there.
•    Advertise in the Yellow pages.
•    Try to get on local radio stations to talk about your virtual tour business.
•    Schedule local meetings about the benefits of virtual tours and how they increase real estate sales.
•    Use your car to advertise by purchasing custom decals or magnets.
•    Direct mail campaigns are great once you have a mailing list of potential customers. Sending out your business information is inexpensive and the return profit pays for all expenses.

Now you should have more than plenty of ideas and can confident in marketing your virtual tour business. Happy marketing!

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