Chicago Virtual Tours – XL Visions Story

Photography has been my passion since my teenage years. Over the years it has become my hobby, my job, my profession. During my college years I
have spend many hours lost in the darkness of photo lab’s darkroom…
From developing film to printing, from black and white to color…
eventually the transition came from film to digital.

photo taken with Nikon N60, kodak tri-x film, fall 2000
the years I photographed people, events, buildings and locations for
work related purposes and my own satisfaction. Although, I have to admit
that I always enjoyed photographing architecture and landscapes more
than photographing events and people (nothing against people). I did not
realize it until few years ago, it was when I came upon an idea to
offer my own professional photography services. XL Visions
was born – Exceptional Solutions for Real Estate and Business demands
with Professional Photography, Fusion Virtual Tours and Innovative
photo taken with Nikon N60, kodak tri-x film, fall 2000
I am very dedicated and passionate about my work, my photography,
about the quality of the images. Maybe sometimes even too much. When
one would think that smaller project, a less expensive, with less value
in it would be treated and photographed as one. I still pay same amount
of attention to detail, photograph it just like I would photograph a
“castle” because I have respect and hold to the fact that something with
no value to one could be a treasure to another. 
photo taken with Nikon D300, RAW format, fall 2013

I am passionate about virtual tour photography and I believe in my skills, but I
needed something to complete and support my services, my business. This
is why I found and chose RTV – The Leaders in Virtual Tour Software, National Photography Services and amazing training services. RTV are the real deal!! Their support is simply phenomenal. A few years ago, when RTV released their new virtual tour system called Fusion I knew this was the tool, the missing link that I was looking for. 

main screen of Fusion Virtual Tour

A Fusion Virtual Tour
is more than just a virtual tour. It’s been build on over a decade of
RTV’s industry expertise. It is an amazing media presentation
of HD photographs, panoramas, video and audio with many powerful and
innovative marketing and sharing options. Together with the Fusion virtual tour software package and my photography services I bring you
everything a real estate agent or business owner could ask for when it
comes to marketing their listings and properties.

I feel very proud and confident to be able to offer endless
possibilities to help promote your real estate listing, property, hotel,
country club, restaurant, school…
I think you get the picture now.

Tomasz Worek
XL Visions
Chicago Virtual Tours