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In order to improve your enrollment numbers, you need to interest more prospective students in your college or university. One great way to do this is with a high quality, interactive campus virtual tour.

A virtual tour of your campus can bring your campus experience to prospective students and their families. In addition to letting new students see what life is like at your university or college, virtual tours are also easy to share—so prospective enrollees can spread the excitement to friends and family who aren’t directly involved in their college process. 

The benefits of college and campus virtual tours:
While a virtual tour can’t serve as a substitute for a live in person tour, it can help students who are trying to decide which colleges to apply for decide on your school. Virtual tours are an economic way to get a feel for a college or university, so students can enjoy an interactive look at your campus without having to take extra time for a physical visit while they’re still applying to colleges.

Virtual tours are also an excellent way to show out-of-state and international students and their families your facilities, so they’ll be more comfortable knowing what you have to offer without the expense of an extra visit.

Finally, a campus virtual tour can help you keep alumni and donors informed about the latest campus improvements and growth at your college or university.

Do virtual tours work for colleges?

One of the big questions colleges and universities have regarding virtual tours is whether students actually use or care about these presentations. Recent research from Cappex, a college search website, shows they do: In a cross-section survey of students, the company found that 36% of college-bound students would “really like” to see a virtual tour, and 30% said that virtual tours were a “must have.”

The survey also found that colleges and universities using virtual tours have a real advantage, because only 21% of institutions polled by Cappex placed an emphasis on having quality virtual tours available.

What should your college virtual tour include?
Of course, any institution should offer a look at their student residential facilities and on-campus housing for a virtual tour. But a truly effective virtual tour should give prospective students a look at overall campus life.

In addition to residence halls and dorms, your virtual tour should also show a selection of classrooms and learning facilities, cafeterias, student centers, gyms, and any other facilities you offer that would add to the quality of student life.

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