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When building a virtual tour of a real estate property, adding a floor plan can be a great selling point and provides additional information to potential buyers. A floor plan is the best way to show off the dimensions of a property, while showing the exact layout of a home or building. A floor plan can easily be uploaded to a 360 Home Tour within the RTV Fusion virtual tour software and if you do not have one created, it is simple and fast with the MagicPlan App from the Apple or Droid Play Store.

MagicPlan is one of the top rated floor plan apps for iPad, iPhone, and Droid devices. This easy-to-use app allows you to walk around a location and map out each area using the interactive 3D interface and augmented reality. By using your mobile device at a property, you can work on your photography AND the floor plan during the same session. This makes creating a real estate tour so much easier for you and your clients. MagicPlan is user friendly and is integrated within our virtual tour system so that once you have your interactive floor plan created, you can quickly sync it up with the corresponding virtual tour that you are working on. Talk about easy!

The days of drawing out a floor plan by hand and spending hours on the computer are over and RTV is here to make sure you stay updated with the latest in property marketing technology to make your life easier. Next time you are asked to add a floor plan to a virtual home tour, you will feel more confident in saying “YES I CAN!”

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