Why Should You Add Video to Virtual Tours?

Watching videos online is a growing trend and this relates heavily to the online virtual tour business. Including video within your virtual tour is a great way to capture the viewer’s attention and provide a better experience for anyone looking at the property online.

Videos can show off the very fine details of a property and any location. They are great for showing the surrounding areas such as rivers, water fountains, wildlife, and other points of interest.

Another common use is to upload a video of a real estate agent introducing the property and giving a short summary of the home or business. This will give the interactive virtual tour a personal touch and make it seem like you are taking a tour with a real person helping you along the way.

The more rich features that you can include within your 360 virtual tour, the better the odds to sell a home. The Fusion virtual tour software allows 5 minutes of internal video that can be shown during a live virtual tour. This is usually plenty of time to talk about the home or show off the different selling points. Try to keep your videos short and to the point, while keeping the visitors attention so that they can become a potential buyer.

With the power of Fusion and including all of the rich media such as HD still photos, 360 panoramas, and 720p video you will provide some of the best looking online virtual tours to your clients. They will not be disappointed with the RTV system and video options!

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