Choosing the Best Tripod For Your Camera

When it comes to professional photography, having a stable camera and a solid tripod is crucial if you want to produce the best photos. The cost of a tripod really depends on the name brand, features, and quality of material used. Technically you could go to Wal-Mart and purchase an inexpensive tripod for $30 but you are not going to get a professional product for that price and nor will you get professional looking virtual tour photography either.

So what should you look for when purchasing a tripod and is spending the extra money worth it? Let’s look! A recommended tripod is the Vanguard Tracker LT-28 series. This one can be purchased online for just a little over $100 and it is worth every penny. Built out of sturdy aluminum, this tripod can hold a lot of weight without causing you a backache due to heavy lifting.  Since it only weighs about 1lb, this is a great choice for traveling to different locations. Featuring a quick-flip leg lock and hexagon-shaped center column, the Tracker will be able to hold your heavier gear with ease.

A professional tripod must be able to adjust and be fine tuned so that you can take the perfect shots and setup those nice shooting angles. Even if you are looking to take photos low to the ground, you can adjust the tripod to three different angles. The Tracker LT-28 series has a SBH 100 ball one, which is one fluid-like ball head that rotates 360 degrees and allows fine tuning. The tripod itself also features tension adjustments for the legs, large foam grips, a patented premium magnesium die-cast canopy, and non-slip rubber feet. All of these great features create an unshakable foundation and will help you produce professional photos.

So when you are searching for your next piece of photography equipment, make sure that you have a stable tripod and that you pay attention to the fine details. You will be happy that you did and your virtual tours will look better than ever!

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