Professional Photos Matter in Real Estate

Before the Internet, real estate listings strictly relied on newspapers, offices, and old fashion open houses. Although all of these methods are still used today, the way real estate properties are viewed and sold are much different because of growing world of technology. The term “curb appeal” is often used in the real estate market.

This is the first impression that a property gives when someone drives by. Curb appeal mattered before the Internet and still is just as important. If a potential buyer drives up to a house and notices dead grass, peeling paint, weeds, and rusty nails, they will most likely continue their search for a new home. Real estate agents work closely with sellers on their curb appeal before going into the market to ensure a quick and easy sale.

With digital photography and virtual tours, curb appeal has never been more important because some people do not have the time to drive to a location and view the property so they rely on an online tour. Professional Virtual Tour Photography is the key to a successful sale!

Having the proper equipment is crucial for shooting amazing photographs for any type of real estate property. Properly lit, high-resolution photos are the only type of pictures that should be used when marketing a home. Purchasing high quality cameras and lenses will help you produce the best images. If you do not own equipment or have the experience, then you may want to look into hiring a RTV professional virtual tour photographer who specializes in real estate photography and virtual tours. Our virtual tour company specializes in hiring some of the best photographers in the country, who are all trained based on our successful business model.

As a photographer and real estate agent, you know that staging a home is very important. Staging is very similar to curb appeal but usually refers to the interior of a home. Making sure that the home is fully cleaned and de-cluttered will make the photos more professional and appealing. Just imagine if you were a potential buyer and were looking through photos of nothing but a messy home. It would give you a bad feeling and you would most likely turn away.

Create a lasting impression. Often, after buyers have toured your home, they will return to their computer and look at the property again. This is when it is important to have a solid virtual tour that includes all of the great features. A virtual tour will help the buyer put together the floor plan and understand how the home flows. So as you can see, photography and online marketing is now the perfect way to sell a home or property. Good luck and happy marketing!

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