Marketing Your Hotel with Pro Photography & Virtual Tours


Your hotel’s website is an important marketing tool that shows potential guests what they can expect. But what moves your website visitors from browsers to paying customers—your star rating, your brand, your google reviews, your room rates?

Actually, according to a recent study, professional hotel photography and virtual tours are the number one factor for online shoppers in choosing a hotel. The study found that 69% of people who book hotel rooms online consider photography and virtual tours highly important in their selection process. This factor came in above hotel brands, loyalty programs, star ratings, and even consumer reviews!

How virtual tours increase your online conversion

Often, your website serves as the first introduction potential guests have to your hotel. What kind of impression are you making? A high quality virtual tour with professional photography lets your visitors experience your facility with rich, interactive images, providing a more enticing appeal than static photographs.

In addition, virtual tours give you more to work with than your room rates. You won’t have to rely so much on beating the pricing of the competition when guests can see how much they’ll enjoy their stay with you. A eye-catching photos and a virtual tour helps you book more guests and increase your occupancy rate.

If a picture is worth a thousand words…
…then a virtual tour is worth a million. Most online consumers know that your web copy is written in marketing speak, designed to impress with phrases like “unrivaled comfort” and “luxurious surroundings.” However, a virtual tour actually shows them how comfortable and luxurious your hotel is, and offers solid evidence they can trust. In addition to your rooms, a virtual tour can also show potential guests around your restaurants, fitness facility, pool area, and any other amenities you offer at your hotel.

Conferences, meetings, and events.
Booking a big event can bring top dollars into your hotel—but the competition is fierce. You can use a professional photography and a virtual tour to showcase your conference and meeting rooms, executive suites, and other aspects that will entice event organizers to sit up and take notice. If people know they can expect modern, state-of-the-art facilities and comfortable surroundings for their important business event, they’ll be far more likely to book a conference with your hotel.

Greater exposure across channels
One of the best things about virtual tours is they don’t have to reside solely on your website. You can increase your exposure to wider audiences by posting your virtual hotel tour on third-party sites like, Expedia, and even YouTube. This means even people who haven’t come across your website can still find out more about your hotel, and book room reservations through other channels.

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