How to Promote Your VT Business Through Real Estate Agents

Joining RTV virtual tour company has been a great experience the past 8 months.  When I am not busy providing virtual tours to my customers, I work on educating myself with all the marketing materials and extended education classes that are provided through RTV’s marketing portal, Rock Pointe Marketing.   One can never stop learning.  Every day, one should learn something new.

I remember when I did my first virtual tour, it took me almost 10 hours!!! Taking the pictures of the property, editing the pictures late into the night, stitching all of the 360 panoramas.  That alone took me 2-3 hours. I am a lot faster now and can complete a virtual tour production in about an hour and a half. I’m growing my virtual tour business and always trying to gain new leads.

One of the best lead generators, that Accents Virtual Tours, a Peachtree City virtual tour company participates in, is attending open houses with agents.  When I provide a 360 tour for an agent, I will provide a gift card for a drawing for the agent’s open house.  I will also set up a computer, or download their virtual tour on a DVD or CD to be played during the open house on a large TV screen. 

I participate in helping the agent serve food or other help that they need.  One of the best ways to get realtors to an open house is to offer free food and a raffle. This is a great opportunity to meet new Agents and Brokers from other companies as they come to see a house that is listed to view for their potential clients.  In any market, you can never have too many eyes on a home.  An open house may have 8-25 different agents from other real estate brokerages come through in a two-four hour period. 

This could be a door opener for many reasons:
•     You might have called or sent information to a prospective agent but you never got a response.
•     You are on site and can give your virtual tour company information and business card to a new prospect.
•    You have your interactive HD virtual tour running that you created, which can be a wow factor to the agent that has never experienced an interactive virtual tour before.

Accents Virtual Tours has great success with this lead generator.  If you can capture one agent from a new Realtor or Broker, word of mouth is the best way to promote your virtual tour business and service.  They will refer you to others, and your virtual tour business will grow.

Teaming up with RTV has been an excellent choice in my career.  The tools are all there.  To grow a real estate photography and virtual tour business, you have to take the time to learn and go through the trial and errors.  Success isn’t made over night.  As long as you keep learning, and think outside of the box, you and your company will grow. 

Good luck with your future endeavors!!  Go RTV!

Brenda Stewart – Designer/Creator
Accents Virtual
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