3 Good Reasons to Use Virtual Tours

We provide a professional Full Motion, High Definition Video Tour and Photos for Agents and Home Owners, Taking you beyond the ordinary Virtual Tours using leading edge equipment and Technology showcasing a property like no other.Now and again I see agents not taking advantage of  Virtual Tours. Do they just not realize the power of an Interactive Virtual Tour? Purchasing a home is the largest purchase that most people make in a lifetime. Providing a Virtual Tour just makes it that much easier. Virtual Tours allow a potential buyer to view the property to see if it has the features that they are looking for. They can search and view countless homes  without leaving the comfort of their home. The ease of this experience could translate into a buy. Searching listings becomes easier when more information is available, and virtual tours are second only to live tours. Below are some of the reasons I would recommend having a virtual tour on all of your listings. Other Than just to Sell it!

1.Virtual tours give buyers the experience of viewing homes without being present at those homes. Many people realize on first sight if they don’t want the home. This thins the crowd of potential buyers, and allows you to avoid unnecessary live tours.  Buyers can narrow their choices by getting a comprehensive look at real estate they might have an interest in.

2.Virtual tours are available 24/7 from any location. This means that out-of-town buyers can tour several homes without travel or expense. Buyers can also view homes whenever is convenient for them without having to schedule an appointment.

3.Buyers can show homes to their family and friends effortlessly by simply sharing a link through email or even a social networking site. Many buyers rely on opinions of others when making big decisions.

The ability to view a home will not only benefit a buyer a seller can benefit as well. Since more viewing will be online, you spend less time cleaning and preparing homes for open houses and live tours.This means less calls to you and less live tours, saving you both time.

Online access allows you to showcase a home now. As soon as your video is ready, So when you are ready to take your Clarksville, TN real estate listing to the next level contact PictureThis VHT!!


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