The IMAGE 49 – Powerful & Quick Photo Edits

RTV WebinarsIf you run a virtual tour company then I’m sure at some point in time you’ve had to edit real estate photos. Why not find a way to do that quicker, faster, easier, and yield better results.      

As professional photographers we work to create the best looking photos we can for our customers to help them market their properties and local businesses. With every virtual tour shoot, we incur something that requires us to edit our photos later be it a setting we missed on our camera, a lighting issue, or some other environmental item that is beyond our control.  These blemishes make our photos less appealing.  The bottom line is that we have to edit our photos because we want to sell them and they MUST look great.

In this webinar I will be showing you part of a fantastic editing program called Adobe Lightroom.   Lightroom is not an expensive program but remains quite powerful.  We’ll cover a brief overview of the advantages to using Lightroom and then delve in to 5 powerful edits that are simple to perform and make your editing job quick and easy.

Join me on December 17th for the IMAGE Episode 49 – Powerful Quick Photo Edits.

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