More Changes from Craigslist Puts Strain on Virtual Tour Compaines

Over the last several years, Craigslist has made many changes to their policies and also to the HTML and CSS that’s supported in the real estate ads. The recent changes by Craigslist are the most significant to date and have the most impact on virtual tour software companies. RTV’s Fusion virtual tour system has several unique Craigslist ads that you can choose from when posting your virtual tour flyer onto Craigslist. 

RTV’s beautiful Craigslist ads that we had setup for you used the following HTML tags IMG, FONT, TABLE, DIV, and SPAN.  All of these tags are no longer supported meaning we can’t pull your images from our virtual tour software system to automatically populate your ads on Craigslist.

Ultimately this means that we will once again need to be rewrite this section of Fusion for you. If you want images in your ads – which we highly recommend – you will need to upload the images  manually.

We expect to have our new ads done here soon and while it will provide a clean, professional look that makes your ads easy to read it won’t be as elegant as our previous ads that he had setup for you.  If you have outstanding Ads out there, you should re-publish your listing to generate this new format once we release it. 

Please stay tuned and we’ll be announcing the new Craigslist format once it is ready to be used which should be any day now.

Thanks for your continued support!

RTV, Inc
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