Good Housekeeping

I have been an RTV provider since May of 2010. My Ontario virtual tour company provides Virtual Tours that get you Up N Close!  My business not only provides Virtual Tours but also Home Inspections.  I am located in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada and I service the area within a one hour drive of Woodstock. The Fusion virtual tour software system that RTV brought to market in June of 2012 has created tremendous momentum in the Virtual Tour industry. This momentum has been felt around the industry as photographers are signing up in droves for the opportunity to use this state of the art virtual tour system. I can speak of multiple reasons why people are switching from other solutions to RTV but for today’s blog I thought I would talk about just one feature – The Tour Shredder.

As I stated earlier I have been creating 360 tours since 2010. In that time I have managed to create over 1600 virtual tours and counting.  Every real estate virtual tour created has expectations placed on it.  The virtual tour must be available at all times, it must be responsive and it must be deleted when no longer needed. This fall, RTV’s Fusion system added the ability to obtain virtual tour credits for deleting virtual tours. What a wonderful idea! For every 20 virtual tours I delete, the system gives me back 1 tour credit. I simply delete the virtual tour, the tour management screen refreshes, and my tour shredder counter decreases by 1. I can watch the counter move towards my free tour credit every time I use the system.

Sometimes when I’m out of credits and know that I have tours that should be deleted, I will start deleting virtual tours that I have deactivated for agents already knowing that the listing was already sold and completed. As of December 2013, I have grabbed 9 free tour credits, because I deleted old, unnecessary virtual tours!

Something to be careful of when deleting tours: Make sure the deal has actually closed!! I have done this long enough to know that when the agent says the property is sold that the deal doesn’t always go through on the closing date. If you can deactivate it when instructed and delete it after closing, is the best solution.

Whether you are new to creating Virtual Tours or new to RTV. I have found the staff to always be more than helpful. My fellow RTVers are always able to coach and advise on possible solutions to any photography or issues.

You are in good company when you are with RTV

Glen Farrell
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