Do you Pay Per Click?

If you’re running a virtual tour business, you might be wondering if Pay Per Click advertising is beneficial to your business. Pay Per Click or PPC ads are beneficial for virtual tour businesses of all sizes. Paid search allows you to pay a fee to have your website be displayed on search result pages when someone types in a specific keyword or phrase to the search engine. You only pay when someone clicks.

As you know RTV cares much more about your natural ranking in the search engines.  Traverse City Virtual Tours for example will reveal to you BlueLaVaMedia and Detroit Virtual tours will reveal to you Real Vision Studio.  However team BlueLaVa might not rank very well on Traverse City Photography and would like to.  In this case allocating a small budget to PPC for your virtual tour company is a great idea.

Here are some top reasons why PPC may be beneficial to your virtual tour business:

Targeted Website Traffic
Since you have the option to assign which ads are displayed for certain keywords and phrases, as well as what page a user will land on when they click your ad, quality of your website traffic will increase.

Location Targeting
With paid search, you have the ability to control where your ads are being shown to help focus your ads on the areas that you service and not those that you don’t. This of course in turn could help increase your return on investment. If you have specific sales that are only going on in a certain city, you can ensure that your ads for that sale are only shown to people searching from that city.

Fast Results
Unlike SEO which takes some time to build up, PPC ads can be up and running quickly, bringing in qualified traffic and leads to your website.  A good targeted PPC campaign when launching your new virtual tour business is a great idea to get things rolling!

Reincforce SEO with PPC
PPC is a nice supplement to your search engine optimization because you can use it to quickly determine which keywords drive traffic and conversions, and then build those keywords into your organic SEO efforts.

Set your own Budget
With PPC, you are able to alter your budget to meet your sales goals and how aggressive you want to be with certain campaigns. Because you only pay when an ad is clicked, you are easily able to manage costs, track conversions from PPC, and determine your return on investment.

Display Advertising
Display advertising lets you create not only text ads, but also image, interactive and video ads. These ads can then be placed on websites that are relevant to what your business is selling. You are also able to manage and track your budget with display ads, just like the search ads.

Remarketing lets you show ads to users who have previously visited your website. You are able to set which ad gets shown to users based on certain actions they did or did not take on your site.

Mobile Ads
Mobile ads help you to reach your audiences while they are on-the-go and away from their computers. These ads will appear in search results, on content websites, in apps and video.

If any of you would like some help with your PPC or SEO you should take some time and watch our FORMULA series that’s in your account.  RTV provides TONS of excellent resources for our virtual tour providers through our monthly webinars and talk shows. 

Thanks for your continued support!

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