Team RTV “Wows” Michigan Realtors at Coldwell Banker Show in Lansing

On Thursday October 24th, team RTV took the opportunity to WOW nearly a thousand Coldwell Banker agents at the Michigan Coldwell Banker Expo in Lansing, MI. The show was made up of several vendors from across Michigan but without a doubt the RTV booth was most impressive and generated the largest crowds throughout the day.

Realtors from across Michigan saw for the first time the powerful Fusion RTV virtual tour software system and began setting up appointments on the spot with local RTV virtual tour providers.  There was an overwhelming response to ordering full service virtual tours VS the do-it-yourself solution also offered by RTV. Many brokers and agents expressed a strong desire to move away from trying to do all of their own marketing and let RTV virtual tour providers be there for them as a personal assistant on a per listing basis. 

The RTV’s high definition 720p full motion video playback stole the show along with the powerful virtual tour lead capture tools, AstroZoom space fly in, gorgeous printable flyers, and as stated above the guaranteed coverage of professional photography suppliers.

If you would like RTV to come to your next show just let us know!  We would love to bring the booth to your city and help you dominate in your local market.

See you there RTV!

Team RTV

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