5 Unusual Businesses That Might Want Virtual Tours

The most successful virtual tour providers don’t rely on real estate virtual tours alone when it comes to working with customers. Just about any type of business can benefit from a stunning and well-produced virtual tour as a marketing tool that lets their customers experience their facilities and grounds.

Common business virtual tours include hotels, lodges, restaurants, and museums. Below are some business types you might not have considered, that may want to take advantage of your virtual tour service for themselves.

•    Amusement parks: For all types of amusement parks and entertainment attractions, from big theme parks to local mini-golf courses, a virtual tour can convey a sense of fun and excitement. Interaction with an amusement park virtual tour can help visitors build anticipation.

•    Movie theaters: You may think if you’ve seen one movie theater, you’ve seen them all. But today’s movie theaters put an emphasis on clean, well-designed facilities with plenty to offer theater patrons. Movie theater virtual tours are a great way for theater owners and managers to attract new customers.

•    Convenience stores: Often, convenience stores are the only businesses in the area that are open 24 hours. Modern convenience stores have more than gas pumps and overpriced snacks—they can offer a range of goods and services that are great for any time of day.

•    Schools and colleges: You might not think of schools as having “customers,” but many types of schools rely on marketing to enroll new students. These include private or parochial schools, most colleges and universities, and specialty schools like police academies and beauty schools. Check out this virtual tour of a boarding school – http://fusion.realtourvision.com/84354  VERY UNIQUE!!

•    Funeral homes: No one likes to think much about funeral homes until they need one. However, funeral homes are in the business of reaching out to their customers. Providing a virtual tour can be a good way for them to offer comfort by letting people become familiar with their facilities before they visit.

Virtual tours are great for all types of businesses—large or small, indoor or outdoor, urban or rural, just about any business can use a great-looking, interactive virtual tour to reach more customers and promote their offerings.

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