Say Hello to My Little Friend!

RTV has released a cool new feature called “Tour Shredder” and it is here to help you clean up some of the clutter within your dashboard and give you free virtual tour credits at the same time. Yes you heard us correctly!  The new Tour Shredder will allow you to receive ONE FREE virtual tour credit once you delete twenty old unwanted virtual tours.

This is a great way to remove outdated virtual tours, and get free virtual tour credits at the same time. Our Tour Shredded also helps us keep our virtual tour credit (Hosting) costs to you down to a minimum so it’s truly a win win for everyone!

RTV is currently the only virtual tour software company in the industry doing this. Surely others will be forced to follow.  Imagine what this means to those of you doing a thousand tours or more a year!  That’s $500 or more right back into your pockets!

Receiving your free credit is simple.

You will now notice that there is a small square module on the right side of your virtual tour manager under the “FSD” tab showing how many virtual tours you need to delete before you can receive your free virtual tour credit. Just delete a tour, confirm by inputting the correct CAPTCHA text, and you will see that the number decrease by one each time. Once it hits zero, you will receive a free virtual tour credit. It’s seriously that easy!

Thank you for your continued support & happy tour shredding!

Team RTV

RTV, Inc
Virtual Tour Software & Digital Marketing Training