Personal Contact – Yes, This Still Works!!

In this day and age we all get accustomed to sending e-mails and playing phone tag with a myriad of people. We no longer feel the need to see the client in person. After all, I can receive my clients’ question and answer it in less time than it once took to establish a place to meet and talk it over. But at what cost? Is speed of communication better than a concise message with a direct focus on your customers needs. 

E-mails are one dimensional; all you receive are the words. Phone calls are two dimensional; now you have the words and maybe a little emotion. Meeting your virtual tour clients in person provides you with a three dimensional communication. You receive the words, you can hear the emotion and most importantly, you can see your clients’ body language.

Body language and facial expressions are key to understanding your clients. Many shoppers, your potential virtual tour clients, would choose to reject your proposal over offering you any objections or explaining and justifying their decision. They just want to move on to someone who meets their needs. But, if you are aware of your customers body language, you will receive cues to the areas of your service that are of interest and the areas that provide an air of trouble.

I feel this level of communication is vital to the success of any business. In fact, vital to every aspect of our human interaction. Just imagine trying to sustain a relationship with your family members with only e-mails. Our virtual tour business clients are truly an extension of our friends and family. Without either of their support our businesses would not be possible.

So the next time you need to contact a client, consider visiting them in person. I’m sure the long term benefits will greatly outweigh the time spent.

Jim Kopcho
Full View Marketing
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