Following my Passion

Photography, IS MY PASSION!

I never had enough time for my passion because of my real job, “Tire Expert”; Yes, I said Tires, ROUND & BLACK with a HOLE in the middle. I had been doing this since the early 70’s.

Short Bio: Schooled in Engineering and photographed Weddings for several years. With that background, I qualified for Michelin’s technical department as a photographer in the Product Liability Department. I had my own lab, studio, several Nikons.  There was a radiology section as part of my studio also. Michelin gave me the title of Forensic Photographer. 

I traveled around the country photographing car crash sites, damaged vehicles in the junkyard and analyzed the tire damage. Putting together all the information I gathered gave the company a clearer picture of what led up to the accident.

Okay, back to my passion.  I left the tire business and decided to pursue virtual tours and real estate photography. A friend mentioned ‘real estate photography’; that is when I did some research and analyzed my options.  RTV virtual tour software company was the one I chose because I felt it offered the best A to Z training in areas other than photography, social media packages, and access to assistance. 

RTV, hands down has the best virtual tour system in the industry.  They schooled us on the virtual tour business side being just as important as the photography. I joined RTV September 2013, with one tour track shoot completed the following week I underwent surgery for a total knee replacement.  I plan to be out another 3-4 weeks then look forward to getting back to business as usual.

This is the short form of following my passion. I’ll be setting up my next blog to speak more about ROI and my Dallas virtual tour company. Should you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them.

Jack DiMaio
Dallas Virtual Tours
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