Expand Your Marketing Strategy Using Video Marketing

Over half of all Americans own a smartphone, 34% own a tablet, and Neomobile predicts that by 2017, two-thirds of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video. This presents you virtual tour company owners with a huge opportunity to start taking advantage of mobile video platforms like Instagram and Vine.

So how can you start implementing video marketing into your virtual tour company marketing strategy? You should follow the tips suggested below.

Tip #1: Limit the Self-Promotion
Of course the whole point of marketing is to market yourself, but too many promotional videos will turn people off. No one is interested in a video that simply shows a picture of your product with a voice over that describes it. We highly recommend that you use the Fusion virtual tour system and create an amazing interactive video presentation demonstrating your property marketing skills and features.  Here’s a very nice presentation that might give you some ideas to get you started: http://tours.bluelavamedia.com/84787

Tip #2: Provide helpful, quality content
As with all content marketing, you want to promote your virtual tour company, but you also want to provide your customers and potential customers with something that will be genuinely helpful or interesting to them.

Tip #3: Build Suspense
There are some advantages to the short time constraints. One advantage is that you’re able to create suspenseful teasers that will build up excitement about an upcoming contest, product launch, or any other “big announcement” that you want your virtual tour customers to be excited about.

Tip #4: Host a Contest
People love entering contests! Host a contest asking your followers to show you how they use your product, or offer a video testimonial contest among your very best customers.

Tip #5: Give An Inside Look
People love going “behind the scenes.” It makes them feel as though they’re getting an exclusive inside look into the secret world behind a business or brand.  Think about creating a “Behind the Scenes” video of you processing images, building a virtual tour, or even showing your customers how you virtual tour company evaluates each shoot.

Tip #6: Just Get Creative!
Try out Instagram or Vine! These amazing sites constrain you to 15 seconds or less to send your message forcing you to be creative. Think outside of the advertising box and brainstorm different, unique ways to showcase your virtual tour products and professional photography services. Create a story, not a commercial.

Above all have fun RTV!

Thanks for your continued support!

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