Background Music in Your Virtual Tours

A great real estate virtual tour provides a rich, multimedia experience for the viewer, with interactive features and controls that help to create the feeling of actually being on the property or grounds. Background music is just one feature you can use to enhance 360 or still image virtual tours for your clients—but should you use it?

There is no one right answer to this question. However, there are things you can consider to help you decide when to include music, and the best types of music to use in your virtual tours.

Your clients’ preference
This is the most important consideration when it comes to deciding on whether to include music in your virtual tours. Make sure you talk to your clients, whether they’re real estate agents or business owners, and find out how they feel about it.

Clients may have a certain type of music they’d like to use. They may feel strongly about not including music. They might not have a preference at all, in which case, you should use your best judgment.

What viewers want
Some people expect music with a virtual tour. Others may find it annoying or distracting—whether they don’t like the type of music, or they simply prefer none at all. You won’t be able to please everyone. But in most cases a well-selected background music track can enhance the virtual tour experience, and only a few people will object.

The best types of music to use
Instrumental music is best for virtual tours, since vocals really are distracting. You should avoid gloomy or dark-sounding music. Choose a track that is cheerful and upbeat—but not cheesy and over-the-top. If it’s something you might hear in an elevator, it’s probably not a good choice for a virtual tour.

Pairing background music with narration is a great choice for any virtual tour. Music can enhance narrative, and also fill in any pauses to avoid jarring transitions.

Here are a couple places you can find royalty-free instrumental music to use in your virtual tours:

•    Incompetech
•    Royalty Free Music
•    Freeplay Music

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