The FORMULA 71 – Extreme Themes & Loader Screens

TheFormula_orangeAre you getting the most out of Fusion virtual tour software? Do your customers know about the three styles that you offer; Fusion, Fusion Slim and FusionMax? Have you ever tried adding a custom theme or loader to make make your Fusion tours really stand out?  Ever try overriding the custom theme with a front of home image and use a transparent loader?  We didn’t think so…

Not only can custom themes and loaders help you earn extra money when setting up a new client, but by tweaking the settings slightly you can make your virtual tours tour load with more or less options. Using Fusion or FusionMax with the right custom theme and loader can also make your presentation load in half the time and often makes for an amazing showpiece when done right. It’s all possible with the Fusion virtual tour system.

RTV has been setting up many new accounts over the last several months and Gabe Clark has been in charge of making custom loaders and themes for these clients.

Please join us on September 17th at 7:00 PM as Gabe shares with you his vast knowledge in making extreme themes and loader screens.

See you there!

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