The Dilemma Behind Internet Marketing

Sometimes we are wondering:  How to increase the ROI on Internet marketing? To answer this question we need to think what do we do when we try to buy anything on the Internet? In reality when you do a search to buy any product on the internet you look for a product that has a set of specifications. If it is  a home it starts with location number of bedrooms and bathrooms backyard area and other commodities. Also you check if it is a closed community or if it has a home owners association. Of course you look for price and last you look at the photos that the realtor has placed on the Internet.

What happens when the photos do not appeal to you? You simply remove that home of the ones you are interested in and continue the search for other houses. Then the listing stalls and you cannot sell it. This first impression is extremely important to achieve the closing.

Also the more you expose the listing in different social sites you increase the possibilities you have to get the attention of a prospective client. With Virtual Florida Tours you can obtain all of it since all our still and 360 panoramas are high definition photos and you listing can be exposed on most of the Real Estate Websites through our Exposure engine.

You want it to appear in You-tube we will do it for you. You need help with your flyers we will design them for you. We can also help your customers picture the exact location of the property with our enhanced AstroZoom application.

Our interactive virtual tours are also viewable on smart phones and we can give you own QR and Tiny Tour URL unified reference link that can be placed on the yard sign to capture prospects passing by attention.

With virtual Florida Tours you can capture the prospects attention from day one.  The alternative is sitting around biting your nails and hoping that someone will bring you a client. When the property stays on the MLS for a long period of time prospects start think the property has some kind of problem. When this happens you will have to reduce the price of the property to attract customers. Ultimately the disappointed seller will lose part of their earnings and you the listing agent will lose part of your commission.

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