Promoting Virtual Tours With CD’s – Yep it still works!

Virtual Tour providers entices customers by finding new ways to market their products and services.  Virtual Tour CDs are capable of holding a great amount of information and hundreds of virtual tours! In addition they are small enough to distribute through the mail or distributed by hand.  Always have some available on your person ready to hand out.

What can you do quickly to maintain and increase your clientele?  Why not take all of the elements of your virtual tour business such as your information, your 360 virtual tours, website, email address, along with the products and services you offer and format them into attractive compact disc for distribution?  Upload 25 of your best still and panoramic photos.

It’s as simple as producing your own virtual tour using RTV virtual tour software and using previous tour pictures to produce a personalized CD.  You would also have the tour available for Tour Track, providing a tour for national account business prospects. You can also add a narration.  Your audio could include a welcome to the prospect in the beginning and also serve as directions of the various business elements on your CD.

Promo disc can be purchased inexpensively and copied by your computer. Your overall production costs is probably around $.30-$.40 per unit.  You can even use a program that will produce pictures on the CD.                          

If you distribute say 300 CDs at a cost of $120.00 and you gained 20% new clients, which would be about 60 new prospects. Would you agree that would be a worthwhile investment?

Did you ever wish you could get in with a realtor or builder that has pages of listings but is so busy that they don’t have time to meet with you for presentations?  What a great idea to type a small note to the realtor and drop off a CD, containing all of your information for them to view at their convenience.

At Accents Virtual Tours, a CD is given to the homeowner as a gift for thanking them for letting us provide a tour of their home and multiple CDs are made for any agent that requests them for open house showings.

Virtually, everyone, and all areas in your community has a computer and your CD should certainly differentiate you from your competition.


Brenda Stewart

Accents Virtual Tours, LLC
Peachtree City Virtual Tours
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