It’s not the camera folks!

We often have people ask us what kind of camera Greg uses when he
shoots our virtual tours as if it’s the camera that’s responsible for
the amazing virtual tours and still photography that we deliver in our virtual tour business.  It’s true that we use expensive,
professional level photography equipment but it’s not the camera folks!


Our roles in our virtual tour business are very specific
– I sell ’em and he shoots ’em.  And he shoots them using several
pieces of specialized equipment in addition to his expensive camera. 
And after he shoots them, he uses about 7 different software programs and his Fusion virtual tour software to
process them and create the virtual tours.

The camera certainly matters – don’t get me wrong.  But the same camera
in my hands yields much different results.  It would be like me asking
my hairdresser what kind of scissors she uses because they cut my hair
so well.  Or asking her husband who is a chef what kind of oven he uses
because the meals he serves at his restaurant are so delicious.

I’ve tried to take pictures with his camera and I can get some pretty
good ones because after all it is a very nice camera.  But the
difference is that it takes me about 20 shots to get one decent pictue
and it never turns out that what I capture is what I see with my eyes
and picture in my mind.

It drives me crazy that he can take one shot
and get exactly what I wanted but I can use up a whole roll of film and
still not get the same shot.

OK, so I know there’s no such thing as film but you get the idea.

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