Virtual Tours Come in All Shapes and Sizes!

Did you think that virtual tours were just for real estate and hotels? Well think again! Some people choose our virtual tour software to also feature some rather interesting places and things. We have created and published virtual tours for retail stores, casinos, cars, yachts, night clubs, and even public events! A virtual tour can show off almost anything that you want and can be used as a great promotional piece for your portfolio.

Let’s say you are in charge of publishing news for a local event and fireworks show, but you want your work to stand out from the rest. What could capture more attention and make your article more interesting? A virtual tour! You can easily capture the entire event and showcase it, while allowing anyone watching to feel like they are actually there. Including high def videos and panoramas gives the feeling of a “live experience”. Just imagine watching a full 360 virtual tour of an amazing national event filled with people and feeling like you are actually there. Then to make it better, you include amazing still images and panoramas while playing music to fit the occasion. Anyone who watches the tour will be blown away by the capabilities and detail of your virtual tour service. What a great way to grow your business portfolio and gain new clients within the area!

What if someone asks you to showcase their inventory of beautiful yachts on the ocean?  Virtual tours would fit right into this category because you can literally take someone through each part of the yacht and talk about each selling point and feature. Even including a high quality video within your virtual tour is an excellent idea and will show all aspects of the yacht. A virtual tour will make the viewer feel like they are stepping right inside of the yacht  while speaking directly to a salesperson. Making your product, property, and brand name stand out from the rest of the competition will give you a great boost in marketing.

So these are just a couple of examples on how a 360 virtual tour can help you promote ANYTHING! So start brainstorming and step into new parts of the market so that you can expand your virtual tour business and your experience with Real Tour Vision!

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