Sharing Agents Now Live

Here at RTV, we are always trying to give you a better experience with virtual tour creation and this means making necessary changes to improve our virtual tour system. A function / feature that has been requested and talked about often among our customers is the ability to share FSD Agents and Owners within Fusion. This is now LIVE and available in your online virtual tour software

Now FSD agents can be shared using their e-mail by simply clicking the “Share Agent” and “Share Owner” buttons within the Agents and Owner manage sections. Doing so will allow two FSDs in the same area to share an FSD agent or owner. If you are an Agent and would like to work with two separate FSDs, you
will now have the option to share using just one e-mail address.  The secondary FSD will have limited abilities to alter the Agent and Owner account information; however this will allow an agent profile, RSS feed, Map, and virtual tour gallery to reflect all of the virtual tours created for them.

Creating virtual tours with RTV just keeps getting better every day! If you have not checked us out lately take a peek at our latest works of art in our virtual tour gallery: 

RTV provides professional photographers more options for their photography than any other digital marketing system on the market today. We always welcome new ideas and love to hear from our customers. Anytime you have feedback, let us know and we’ll continue offering the best virtual tour software in the world!

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