Houston Twilight Photography

We recently picked up a couple of new virtual tour clients in a certain marketing area that have been actually looking for me the past few months… Michaels Photography Studio, a Houston Virtual Tour Company,  does not do a lot of outside marketing but we concentrate on marketing through our present clients.

They loved the look of our twilight photography and they wanted that look for them as well.  Here is the problem… after be someone’s primary Virtual Tour Provider in Houston, Texas for years, your work becomes their work.. so if you do a job for another client in the same community then the photos that you take might look like a certain agent.

This is where we were a month ago.  We tried really hard to explain that the photos we take are not any one agent but are the photographers likeness.  It is like having a business card that you hand out.  It is unique to you and you alone.  No one else in the Houston area has a twilight look like ours.  Trust us… We checked!  We take a unique approach to creating the certain look for our twilights.  So if you are an agent down in Houston and you come across a twilight image It will make you think it was shot by Michaels Photography Studio.  This is a great thing for us. 

We are very well pleased with what the RTV Virtual Tour Minds have done with their new Fusion virtual tour software system. There is soooooo much that RTV offers.  It has really brought our Virtual Tour Photography business to the NEXT LEVEL!

Thank you RTV!

Michael Stolte
Michaels Photography Studio
Houston Virtual Tour Company