Funeral Home Virtual Tours

 A few years ago, I wrote a blog about Funeral Home Virtual Tours.  Little did I know when I wrote it but that blog has been the MOST READ BLOG entry I have ever written and the terms “Funeral Home Virtual Tours” is one of the most searched keywords of all our website hits.  Every week, we get multiple hits from people searching the terms Funeral Home Virtual Tours.

It’s kind of funny because as a whole, the funeral home industry has not really gotten on the wave of social media.  Like any business, funeral homes must continue to grow and adapt to the current market and with our aging population being cared for by a younger generation, there is added pressure to change the marketing mindset in the funeral home industry.

Statistics show that 1 out of every 1 person will someday attend a funeral in one way or another but there is a great fear of talking about the unknown.  During a time of loss, resources are precious and a funeral home virtual tour can be a great resource for helping families plan services from out of town and be able to visualize the process ahead of time.  It can also serve to break down the barriers and fears of pre-planning arrangements.

Funeral home virtual tours are just one tool that can help a funeral home business to reach out and meet consumers where they are…And let’s be honest – where they are is Facebook and Twitter and if it’s available they are on the funeral home’s website and blog. 

We had the honor of photographing a virtual tour for Hansen Spear Funeral Home in Quincy, IL.  For four generations, Hansen and Spear has been serving families in our town and they have adapted and changed with the times better than any funeral home I’ve ever seen.  Take a look at this picture of their home page —

In addition to the virtual tour being front and center, they have links to Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Flickr, YouTube as well as their very current and timely blog. 

In his blog entitled “A Funeral Home Virtual Tour? Why Not!”,  Will Spear of Hansen – Spear says – “We live in a digital world where we post video tributes online with obituaries and have families using our free Wi-Fi at visitations to Skype with family members that could not make it to the services.  With the technology available, why not have a Virtual Tour so you can see the funeral home if you have not been here before.”

Almost every other funeral home website I’ve seen is a standard template that lists the obituaries and maybe shows a picture of the front of the funeral home but not much more.  While they certainly provide an exceptional funeral or memorial service, Hansen – Spear understands that people are looking for much more during their time of grief.  Their grief support resources are extensive and they provide links to online resources as well as information about local grief support groups.  They understand that grief does not end at the graveside but is an ongoing process.  By offering all the resources they do, Hansen – Spear is truly leading the way in their industry.

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