Building a Virtual Tour Brand

Building your Virtual Tour Company Brand And Reputation

Interesting Virtual Tour Fun Fact:
The first use of a virtual tour and the derivation of the name was in 1994 as a museum visitor interpretation, providing a ‘3D walk-through‘ of a 3D reconstruction of Dudley Castle in England as it was in 1550. This consisted of a computer controlled laserdisc based system designed by British based engineer Colin Johnson.

One of the first users of a virtual tour was Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, when she officially opened the visitor centre in June 1994. Because the Queen’s officials had requested titles, descriptions and instructions of all activities, the system was named and describes as: “Virtual Tour, being a cross between Virtual Reality and Royal Tour.” Details of the original project can be viewed online. The system featured in a conference held by the British Museum in November 1994 and in the subsequent technical paper.

Building a trustworthy reputation and brand for your virtual tour business is essential when desiring success, but this success isn’t achieved overnight. It requires a lot of hard work, time, and dedication. Obtaining the level of a great & profitable virtual tour business is an amazing feeling and with the right mindset, you can make this happen.

If you are currently creating beautiful looking virtual tours and have a great area to market your virtual tour business, then you are already on the right path! When people hear your name, they should associate you with a great virtual tour business. To make sure that your current and potential future clients will remember your work and come back for more, you can do the following :

•    Provide your clients with professional photography & virtual tour photography that shows your attention to detail and stunning shots. “WOW” them so that they will want to use your interactive services again for their next project.

•    Pay attention to all of the options and settings within a virtual tour so that it matches your client’s style.

•    Organize the images & 360 panoramas properly so that the flow of the tour makes sense.

•    Make your 360 tour stand out even more by adding features such as audio narration.

•    Double check your work before finalizing the tour and submitting it to your clients. The first impression is very important.

•    Take advantage of our marketing strategies and SEO tips so that you can receive more business in your area.

•    If you build a solid brand for yourself and virtual tour business, your work should speak for itself and  “word of mouth” will be your new best friend.

•    Give your virtual tour business time to grow. Patience and positivity will lead you to success!


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